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Summer Game Fest 2024 and games conference schedule: All conference dates, times and streams

Which games conferences are occurring in June 2024?

Image credit: Summer Game Fest

Summer Game Fest 2024 is now the major gaming presentation of June after the announcement of E3's death last year.

It's not the only gaming showcase running this June though. Nintendo, Ubisoft and Xbox all have presentations planned for the weeks following Geoff Keighley's Summer Game Fest. You'll also be able to get a look at upcoming Indie titles thanks to the Access-Ability Summer Showcase and Wholesome Direct among others. Not to forget staples of the gaming conference season like the PC Gaming Show.

Below you'll find a complete Summer Game Fest 2024 conference schedule as we know it so far, running in chronological order and including all of the shows which have been announced so far! We'll also be regularly updating it with confirmed dates, times and additional events if they're announced.

Summer Game Fest 2024 explainers:

If you'd like more detail on a specific conference, then here they are listed in chronological order:

If you've followed our summer conference guides over the past years, then you'll know that, alongside the date and time details, we like to include a little bit of background reading to give you an idea of what to expect ahead of time. (Not that we're trying to give you homework or anything...) Though, there's certainly going to be some surprises as is tradition!

This page will also be populated with links to any round up or major stories after each conference airs. Some shows will also have dedicated live texts over on the Eurogamer home page when the time comes. Feel free to drop by and say hello!

Summer Game Fest 2024 schedule at a glance

With E3 confined to the eternal crypts, the Summer Game Fest Opening Showcase is now the main gaming presentation for, well, the summer. (Well done Geoff... You won...) Alongside it, there's a host of other presentations, such as an Xbox Games Showcase and Wholesome Direct, running throughout June. All of which will give you a good idea of what games are on the horizon!

At the time of writing, it's important to note we're still waiting on date and time confirmations for a number of showcases. This includes the upcoming June Nintendo Direct. We have included these presentations on the schedule below to ensure you have a good idea of what's coming and we'll update this page once these dates are announced.

Here's the Summer Game Fest and conference schedule for June 2024:

ConferenceDateUK (BST)EU (CEST)East Coast US (EDT)West Coast US (PDT)
Guerrilla Collective Online ShowcaseThursday 6th June6pm7pm1pm10am
Access-Ability Summer Showcase 2024Friday 7th June4pm5pm11am8am
Summer Games Fest 2024 Opening ShowcaseFriday 7th June10pm11pm5pm2pm
Day of the Devs 2024: Summer Game Fest EditionFriday 7th JuneMidnight (Saturday 8th June)1am (Saturday 8th June)7pm4pm
Future Games Summer ShowcaseSaturday 8th June8pm9pm3pm12pm
Wholesome DirectSaturday 8th June5pm6pm12pm9am
Latin American Games ShowcaseSaturday 8th June6pm7pm1pm10am
Women-Led Games ShowcaseSaturday 8th June7:30pm8:30pm2:30pm11:30am
Xbox Games Showcase and [REDACTED] DirectSunday 9th June6pm7pm1pm10am
PC Gaming ShowSunday 9th June9pm10pm4pm1pm
Ubisoft ForwardMonday 10th JuneTBCTBCTBCTBC
Nintendo DirectJune - Date to be confirmedTBCTBCTBCTBC
Devolver DirectJune - Date to be confirmedTBCTBCTBCTBC

Here's every conference in order of which has yet to be broadcasted one-by-one:

Guerrilla Collective Online Showcase - Thursday 6th June

  • UK - 6pm (BST)
  • Europe - 7pm (CEST)
  • East Coast US - 1pm (EDT)
  • West Coast US - 10am (PDT)

The Guerrilla Collective Online Showcase can be watched on both YouTube and Twitch.

This showcase promises to bring a selection of new game reveals, trailers, interesting announcements and reveals, including taking a look at the gameplay for upcoming titles. While we don't know what games will be shown in the presentation at the time of writing, The MIX, who are in partnership with Guerrilla Collective, website lists titles like Until Then, Squirrel with a Gun and Undead West. Many of these titles were also shown during the Spring Games Showcase back in March 2024, so hopefully this is our chance to learn more about them.

Image credit: Guerrilla Collective

Access-Ability Summer Showcase 2024 - Friday 7th June

  • UK - 4pm (BST)
  • Europe - 5pm (CEST)
  • East Coast US - 11am (EDT)
  • West Coast US - 8am (PDT)

The Access-Ability Summer Showcase 2024 spotlights games, both recently released and upcoming, created by disabled developers. It will also take a look at accessibility settings and design choices crafted to help more disabled players enjoy games. Eurogamer found last year's Access-Ability to be a vital addition to the Summer Game Fest season, so it's definitely worth tuning in.

This showcase will be available on Twitch and YouTube, with American Sign Language, British Sign Language and Audio Described versions premiering at the same time.

Hosted by Laura Kate Dale, accessibility consultant and host of the weekly Access-Ability show on YouTube, the show will include exclusive trailers, release date and discussion about new gameplay features. It's already been confirmed that titles from Whitethorn Games, PlayTonic and Fiction Factory Games will be making an appearance, but there's sure to be other surprises! This includes a selection of special guests, with Arevya and SightlessKombat already confirmed.

Image credit: Access-Ability Summer Showcase 2024

Summer Game Fest 2024 Opening Showcase - Friday 7th June

  • UK - 10pm (BST)
  • Europe - 11pm (CEST)
  • East Coast US - 5pm (EDT)
  • West Coast US - 2pm (PDT)

With its return announced in March of this year, the Summer Game Fest 2024 Opening Showcase can be watched on YouTube and Twitch. While not confirmed at the time of writing, we wouldn't be surprised if you can also watch it on Tiktok and X (the social media platform formally known as Twitter) like last year.

The show will, once again, be two hours long. (Snacks are a must.) During this time, there will be a selection of world premieres and special guests who'll hopefully be able to say their piece without being drowned out by music.

There will be more than 55 partners appearing in this year's Summer Game Fest and, similar to 2023, Geoff Keighley recently posted the first list of partners on his X account. This list includes Annapurna Interactive, Bandai Namco, Capcom, Devolver Digital, PlayStation, Sega, Ubisoft and Xbox among many others. There are more partners waiting to be announced, so this list is certain to grow.

Day of The Devs 2024: Summer Game Fest Edition - Friday 7th June

  • UK - Midnight of Saturday 8th June (BST)
  • Europe - 1am of Saturday 8th June (CEST)
  • East Coast US - 7pm (EDT)
  • West Coast US - 4pm (PDT)

Just like 2023, the Day of The Devs 2024: Summer Game Fest Edition will immediately follow the Summer Game Fest 2024 Opening Showcase. It will be broadcasted over the same YouTube and Twitch channels, so there's no need to cross streams!

It's important to note that the start times listed above are based upon the estimated end-time of the Summer Game Fest 2024 Opening Showcase. Since that showcase is roughly two hours long, you can expect Day of the Devs to begin two hours after Summer Game Fest 2024. Technically difficulties do happen though, so there's always a chance it might start a little later.

The Day of The Devs showcases focus on indie titles and is run by a now fully independent non-profit organisation going under the same name. We don't know which games will be showcased at the time of writing, but we do know there will be some very interesting titles. If you'd like an idea of what kind of titles might make an appearance, take a look at our roundup for the Day of the Devs The Game Awards showcase. The official Day of the Devs website also lists all the games they showcase at various events, such as GDC. This year's GDC includes Simpler Times, Cataclismo and Hyper Light Breaker among others.

Image credit: Day Of The Devs

Future Games Show Summer Showcase - Saturday 8th June

  • UK - 8pm (BST)
  • Europe - 9pm (CEST)
  • East Coast US - 3pm (EDT)
  • West Coast US - 12pm (PDT)

While the Future Games Show Summer Showcase is happening on Saturday 8th June, we're still, at the time of writing, waiting for the exact time to be confirmed. We'll update this page - and at the schedule table - once that time is revealed.

With the timing for the Future Games Show Summer Showcase now announced, you'll be able to watch the show across a variety of platforms, including YouTube, Twitch, TikTok, Facebook and X.

Thanks to PCGamer, we know that this year's showcase will take a look at over 40 upcoming games across both PC and consoles.

Image credit: Future

Wholesome Direct - Saturday 8th June

  • UK - 5pm (BST)
  • Europe - 6pm (CEST)
  • East Coast US - 12pm (Noon) (EDT)
  • West Coast US - 9am (PDT)

The Wholesome Direct makes a return on Saturday 8th June. It will broadcasted on YouTube and Twitch.

The Wholesome Direct shines a light on games with intricate storytelling, beautiful art design and unique gameplay. Last year's Wholesome Direct took a look at Venba, Kamaeru and Toasterball among many others. According to the official Wholesome Games X account, nearly 800 games were submitted for this year's showcase so there's certainly going to be some hidden gems on display!

Latin American Games Showcase - Saturday 8th June

  • UK - 6pm (BST)
  • Europe - 7pm (CEST)
  • East Coast US - 1pm (EDT)
  • West Coast US - 10am (PDT)

The Latin American Games Showcase spotlights games developed in the LATAM Region and by Latin Americans around the globe. You can watch it on YouTube and Twitch.

The showcase will take a look at over 70 games, including a selection of world premiers and exclusive announcements. The previous showcase back in October 2023 included Mariachi Legends, Bem Feito and A Tiny Sticker Tale among others.

Women-Led Games Showcase - Saturday 8th June

  • UK - 7:30pm (BST)
  • Europe - 8:30pm (CEST)
  • East Coast US - 2:30pm (EDT)
  • West Coast US - 11:30am (PDT)

The Women-Led Games Showcase will follow the Latin American Games Showcase. You'll be able to watch the Women-Led Games Showcase on YouTube and Twitch.

The Women-Led Games Showcase focuses on games developed by studios led by and majorly staffed by women. During their March 2024 showcase, Women-Led Games took a look at Sunny Side, The Heirloom, Tiny Glade, Cabernet amongst other titles.

Xbox Games Showcase and [REDACTED] Direct - Sunday 9th June

  • UK - 6pm (BST)
  • Europe - 7pm (CEST)
  • East Coast US - 1pm (EDT)
  • West Coast US - 10am (PDT)

The Xbox Games Showcase returns for Summer Games Fest once again and, like last year, it's divided into two halves. It will be broadcasted on YouTube and Twitch, with an American Sign Language version on the Xbox ASL Twitch channel.

Thanks to Xbox Wire, we know the first part of the showcase will focus on games from Activision, Blizzard, Bethesda, Xbox Game Studios and third-party partners. When it comes to exactly which games will be shown, there's a chance we'll see Indiana Jones and the Great Circle, the Shattered Space expansion for Starfield and a look at Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024. (Whether the Fable reboot will make an appearance is yet to be seen.) According to The Verge's Tom Warren, who cites 'sources familiar with [Microsoft's] plan', we will also get a look at the next instalment in the Gears of War series, which Gears studio, The Coalition, have been working on.

Once the first half of the showcase is over, like last year's Starfield direct, we'll have a program dedicated to one specific game. While said game is currently listed as [REDACTED}, it is reportedly going to be an upcoming Call of Duty title. This knowledge comes, once again, from Tom Warren over on The Verge.

PC Gaming Show - Sunday 9th June

  • UK - 9pm (BST)
  • Europe - 10pm (CEST)
  • East Coast US - 4pm (EDT)
  • West Coast US - 1pm (PDT)

It's the tenth anniversary of the PC Gaming Show! If you're planning on tuning in, then visit either YouTube, Twitch or Steam. Residents of China can watch the show on Bilibili.

As the name suggests, this showcase is all about PC gaming! According to PC Gamer, and it's their show so they'll know, over 50 games will be showcased during this year's show. This will include a mixture of developer interviews, world premieres and exclusive announcements. Considering last year's show saw the reveal of Citizen Sleeper 2: Starward Vector, we should be in for a good surprise.

Ubisoft Forward - Monday 10th June

Time to be confirmed.

While the date for the next Ubisoft Forward was revealed on Wednesday 3rd April, we're still waiting for the times to be confirmed at the time of writing. You'll be able to watch this showcase on YouTube and Twitch.

What games Ubisoft is planning to show off remains a mystery, but we wouldn't be surprised if we get another look at Star Wars Outlaws since its Friday 30th August release date is drawing closer. We might also get a pick at the next instalment in the Assassin's Creed series and maybe even the rumoured Prince of Persia title. (Maybe if we wish really, really, really hard we might even get to see something from Beyond Good and Evil 2.)

Nintendo Direct - June 2024

Date and time to be confirmed.

Thanks to an announcement from Shuntaro Furukawa, Nintendo president, posted on the official Nintendo Corporate X account, we know there will be a Nintendo Direct sometime in June. At the time of writing, the exact date and time for this Direct are yet to be revealed, but we'll update this page once they are.

As usual, you'll be able to watch this Nintendo Direct on YouTube and Twitch.

It's important to note that while Furukawa's statement included a mention of the Switch 2, it will not be discussed during June's Direct. Though it is nice to know that the Switch's successor isn't just a product of our collective imagination with this post being the first time Nintendo has officially discussed it. (Let's be honest, dropping the news this way is a very Nintendo move.) Earlier this year, Eurogamer sources did confirm that the Switch 2 is on track for a 2025 launch so hopefully we'll finally get a look at the console before this year is out.

Devolver Direct - June 2024

Date and time to be confirmed.

While the next Devolver Direct is yet to be officially announced, the Devolver Digital X account did post about working on the next showcase back in April. Hopefully this means that another memorable Devolver Direct is on its year.

Last year saw the return of Volvy, everyone's favourite mascot known for his big hand. For gaming. If there is a Devolver Direct on the horizon, hopefully we'll get another look at The Plucky Squire (release date wouldn't go amiss), Neva and The Crush House among other titles. (Along with whatever madness they've cooked up for the presentation.)

If you can't wait though, then there's the Devolver Public Access Holiday Special 2023, which, while released in December of last year, still gives you an idea of what's to come.

We all remember Volvy. | Image credit: Devolver Digital

Where is Sony's summer 2024 conference?

The summer game conference schedule is already quite packed, but there's one notable absence at the moment - Sony.

As mentioned, currently Sony is the most notable absence from the summer game conference schedule with Xbox and Nintendo already having their presentations lined up. The last State of Play presentation was back in January of this year where we got a look at Judas and Death Stranding 2: On the Beach among other titles. If you'd like a full recap, check out our round up of January's State of Play presentation. Still, this does leave us wondering - where is Sony?

State of Play | January 31, 2024Watch on YouTube

Well, while nothing has been confirmed at the time of writing, there are rumours that there will be a State of Play in May as reported by GameRant. This rumour was later built upon when TheGamer reported on a letter Hiroki Totoki, Chairman of PlayStation, sent in congratulations of Hermen Hulst and Hideaki Nishino being named CEOs to SIE employees stating that 'Later this month you will learn more about the long-term vision for Sony Group and the essential role SIE plays in that vision.'

Which games they might show off are also a mystery, but, looking at the 2024 release schedule, there's a chance we'll get a look at the Silent Hill 2 remake, Until Dawn (another remake) and the Dawntrail expansion for Final Fantasy 14. Who knows though? Guess we'll just have to wait for Sony to announce their plans!

Hope you enjoy the summer game conferences!

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