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How to beat the Tree Sentinel Duo in Elden Ring

Here's how to defeat the first free-roaming field boss in the starting area.

elden ring tree sentinel in limgrave
Image credit: Eurogamer/FromSoftware

The Tree Sentinel in Elden Ring is the first free-roaming boss in the game. You'll encounter this guy on horseback in Limgrave, the first area after the tutorial.

You'll also encounter two of these Elden Ring bosses together - the Tree Sentinel Duo - guarding the stairway near the Atlus Highway Junction. Both versions of this boss have the same attacks, so you can apply the same strategies to defeat them in both situations.

So, read on for our tips on how to beat the Tree Sentinel and Tree Sentinel Duo in Elden Ring below.

How to beat the Tree Sentinel and Tree Sentinel Duo in Elden Ring

You'll see the first Tree Sentinel as soon as you step out into the world from the Site of Grace 'The First Step'. You can theoretically challenge him a few minutes after starting the game, but it would be better to level up a little beforehand and upgrade your weapons.

elden ring player facing glitching tree sentinel
In this environment, for example, the Tree Sentinel does not work properly and is reset to its usual location. | Image credit: Eurogamer/FromSoftware

He'll only start to attack you when you get close enough to him. His red boss bar will then appear and he will enter combat mode.

It's amazing how far he can chase you as long as you don't sprint straight away. However, if you lure him too far away, or to a place where his behaviour can be exploited, he may simply be put back in his place in the middle of the fight.

elden ring player sneaking up on tree sentinel
It's a good thing that sneaking is possible at any time. | Image credit: Eurogamer/FromSoftware

The best way to approach the Limgrave Tree Sentinel is with a sneak attack from behind, which is easy to set up thanks to the rocks and bushes nearby. With two heavy R2/RT strikes, this can already deplete a quarter of his HP, depending on your level and strength.

You don't have quite this luxury when facing the Tree Sentinel Duo in the Atlus Plateau, but the following advice applies to both versions of this boss.

The best way to fight the Tree Sentinels is on horseback. Combat is much easier with Torrent's help and manoeuvrability, especially as it simply blocks many attacks without taking damage, sometimes even taking the full broadside of his halberd.

elden ring tree sentinel circling player on horseback
On foot you have the disadvantage - a lack of agility. | Image credit: Eurogamer/FromSoftware

Torrent is faster and more manoeuvrable than running around on foot, and you can get out of the danger zone much quicker, making the Tree Sentinel's halberd a little less frightening than it is on foot.

Fighting on horseback is therefore highly recommended for reasons of mobility, but it is of course also possible without a galloping mount.

Both the guardian and his horse can be dangerous. When the Sentinel's horse whinnies and stands on its hind legs, dodge to the side and land a few hits. If this takes too long, the halberd is immediately at the ready, and it does a lot of damage.

elden ring player on horseback chasing tree sentinel
This changes when you fight from the back of your horse. We recommend doing so. | Image credit: Eurogamer/FromSoftware

You have to be really careful when the horse jumps and leaps forwards. The guard then stamps on the ground with his massive shield and deals area damage within a set radius. Even if you are standing a few steps or metres away, this attack can hit you - and the effects are massive.

With the second shield attack, he can shoot at you from the side like a pile driver. Fortunately, dodging is not so difficult here.

His normal attacks consist of riding towards you and either:

  • Dragging it across the ground and attacking from below
  • Slamming it vertically into the ground from above where you are standing

Both cost a lot of stamina when blocking, which is why dodging is the better tactic, especially as there is a time window to counterattack.

elden ring player using incantation on tree sentinel
A few incantations just in case. | Image credit: Eurogamer/FromSoftware

If you stand at his side of his weapon for too long, he'll charge you with his halberd. That's no fun, so you'll have to be a bit mobile (as I said, Torrent is perfect for this).

The Tree Sentinel doesn't have an insane number of moves - the few he does have do pack a punch like a steam engine, though, so whatever you do, avoid the jump attack with the devastating shield pounder, stay mobile, use your horse, and you'll soon have him defeated.

Your rewards for beating the Limgrave Tree Sentinel are 3200 runes and a Golden Halberd.

Then, the rewards for beating the Altus Plateau Tree Sentinel Duo are 20,000 runes, Erdtree's Greatshield, and a Hero's Rune (1).

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