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Today’s Connections hint and answer on 18th May for 342

How to group together today’s NYT Connections.

Image credit: The New York Times

It's the weekend, which is the perfect time to prepare a cup of coffee, take a seat and check the Connections answer for today, 18th May.

If you haven't played it before, Connections challenges you to sort a group of 16 words into four groups where all of the words are well... connected. This connection could come from them sharing a similar meaning, being part of a place name, objects found in a kitchen or anything at all really!

While this may sound easy, the Connection groups each have a different level of difficulty - with Yellow being the easiest and Purple being the hardest. For this reason, working out today's Connection answer might be rather tricky. You may get one group straight away, but another might be a mystery to you. Thankfully we're here to help!

Originally developed during The New York Times game department's annual game jam, the beta version of Connections was released in June 2023. Since then it has become one of the most popular games The NYTimes has to offer, only beaten by Worlde. Though some connections have been made to the BBC's Only Connect program...

Hint for today's Connections answer

Instead of jumping straight to the answer, let's start with some hints for today's Connections puzzle:

  • Yellow - Names of animals.
  • Green - Abrupt movements.
  • Blue - Games to play with a group of friends.
  • Purple - Objects that bounce.
  • Catfish belongs in the Yellow group, Zag in Green, and Charades in Blue.

Remember - Yellow is the easiest group to find followed by Green and Blue, with Purple being the hardest set of words to connect.

Connection words for 18th May

Here's the words included in today's Connections puzzle - see if the clues above help you form a connection before we visit today's answer:

Catfish Hairpin Fishbowl Trampoline
Mousetrap Werewolf Bulldog Switchback
Dogleg Mattress Horsefly Categories
Turtledove Charades Clock Zag

Connections answer for 18th May

Without further ado, here's the Connections answer for today:

  • Animals Whose Names Are Two Animals - Bulldog, Catfish, Horsefly Turtledove
  • Sharp Turns - Dogleg, Hairpin, Switchback, Zag
  • Classic Party Games - Categories, Charades, Fishbowl, Werewolf
  • Things With Spring/s - Clock, Mattress, Mousetrap, Trampoline

An initial glance at the words of today's puzzle was enough to spot a few possibilities for my first group. I knew that many words had in common the fact they were formed by connecting two names of animals. Not a surprise when the game showed me that Bulldog, Catfish, Horsefly and Turtledove formed the easiest group. The next group I formed was the Purple one but out of pure luck. I put the four words together just because they are objects. My next guess was Dogleg, Fishbowl and Werewolf which was just wrong. It took me a couple of tries to get to the last two groups.

Here's the 18th May 2024 342 Connections answer

What to play after Connections?

The obvious answer to this question is Wordle, but, if you've already solved that today, then The New York Times does offer other games. When it comes to word-based games, The NYTimes has the Mini Crossword, Spelling Bee, Letter Boxed and Strands, which is still in its beta phase. If you fancy a break from words, then you can also try Tiles - a motif matching game - or Sudoku.

NYT Games

Outside of The NYTimes, there's Semantle - where you have to reach the secret word by guessing its meaning. Spelling doesn't count in Semantle, instead you have to pay attention to the numerical value your guesses have to chart your path to the answer. If you'd prefer to keep to the Connections format, however, then it's worth visiting Puzzgrid. Here you'll find hundreds of Connections-style puzzles, the twist, however, is that you only have three minutes to solve them.

(You can also just watch Only Connect on BBC iPlayer...)

If you're in a reading mood, then we've discussed why The NYTimes Mini Crossword is a reliable joy and interviewed Jonathan Knight, Head of Games for The NYTimes.

Good luck solving today's Connections!

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