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Stellar Blade guides, tips and tricks

You won't Adam and Eve these tips.

Eye from Stellar Blade slightly crouched in front of a Naytiba boss enemy with her sword brandished behind her.
Image credit: Eurogamer/Shift Up

Stellar Blade tells the story of Eve and her two companions, Adam and Lily, as they travel across an apocalyptic Earth in search of the monstrous Alpha Naytibas, to help the planet get back to the way it used to be.

On the way, there will be plenty of areas to explore, puzzles to solve, and citizens to help. So to help you with every element of the game, we've listed all of our Stellar Blade guides below and included a selection of Stellar Blade tips.

Please keep in mind that while we've done our best to avoid major spoilers for Stellar Blade, this guide, and some of those listed within, might contain spoilers.

If you're still unsure if Stellar Blade is your kind of game, then check out Eurogamer's Stellar Blade review.

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Stellar Blade guides list

Below, you'll find all of our Stellar Blade guides so far. Keep in mind that this section, including some of the guides within it, might contain spoilers:

Main Story:

Side quests and Requests:


Codes and puzzle solutions:

Collectibles and exploration:



Eve with Adam and Lily in the cockpit of the Tetrapod ship in Stellar Blade.
Image credit: Shift Up

Stellar Blade tips and tricks

Here are some handy Stellar Blade tips and tricks to assist in Eve's hunt for the Alpha Naytibas:

  • You unlock double jump later on - Can't reach that chest? You probably need to use Eve's double jump Skill to get to it, but this is unlocked as part of the story, so don't waste your time trying to fully explore areas at the beginning.
  • Toggle auto pickup on - This lets you pick up all the loot from fallen enemies, crates, and boxes as soon as you're near enough, ensuring you don't miss out on any handy rewards.
  • Motion Sickness options - If you get Motion Sick, turn off Motion Blur and Camera Shake in Settings. The path is: >Settings > Display > Effects.
  • Break all the boxes! - Although some smaller enemies like to surprise you in boxes, smashing them is great for getting Gold, resources, and occasionally Vitcoins.
  • Use your gun to lure enemies from a group - Shooting an enemy only alerts them, so if you come across a group of dangerous Naytiba and don't feel like becoming a parrying and dodging ninja to deal with the crowd, just shoot at them one at a time from a distance to draw them over to pick them off individually.
  • Unlock the 'Ambush' Skill - This lets you do a sneak attack if you're behind an enemy and they haven't spotted you yet. There are some powerful enemies where this doesn't work, but you'll be able to use Ambush the majority of the time. Pair with the Camouflage-Type Exospine to reduce the chance of being spotted before performing an Ambush.
  • Focus on Unlocking all four basic Beta Skills first - Each Beta Skill is extremely useful in combat and for keeping Eve alive, so we recommend using your first chunks of SP to unlock the basic Beta moves in the Skill tree and then moving on to more advanced Skills.
  • Explore thoroughly - You can find Supply Boxes with useful materials you'll need to enhance Eve, but they're usually quite well hidden.
  • Even posing with her sword and head down on the ground in front if a Corrupter Naytiba enemy she just killed in Stellar Blade.
    Image credit: Eurogamer/Shift Up
  • Do Combat Tutorial sessions - We highly recommend taking part in these as they can teach you how to efficiently use the countless moves and Skills that Eve can unlock throughout the story. Also, you will be shown different control combinations and attack moves you can do with this Skill via training sessions. You'll notice an improvement in your combat Skills if you use them.
  • Use your Drone - The Drone is the ultimate little helper, especially in dark areas. Use them as much as you want to scan the area, they can unveil hidden enemies and threats, or they can highlight useful items or collectibles you may miss. They're also extremely useful for figuring out where to go next...
  • Eve flourishing with her arms and blade in the air after jumping from a boss Naytiba seen in the background in Stellar Blade.
    Image credit: Eurogamer/Shift Up
  • Hit statues for a surprise - Not all statues work, but we noticed that hitting the smaller stone statues in Eidos 7 gives you some nice treats!
  • Revisit vendors often - More items and personal side quests are unlocked the further you get along in the story, so check back with the vendors in Xion regularly!
  • You might not want to activate every camp at the beginning - You get one Vitcoin per camp discovered, but you're not required to activate them. Vitcoins are also a currency used to unlock or upgrade special items like outfits and Exospines. If you don't want to work extra hard for Vitcoins by completing side quests and exploring, then just hang on to the camp ones instead! We do suggest going back and activating once your stock of coins is built up though, especially if you're a Trophy-hunter.

Good luck taking on those Naytibas in Stellar Blade!

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