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Fortnite's latest live event kicks off countdown to Mad Max-esque new season

Sands good to us.

Screenshot of the Fortnite statue mini event showing red energy skimming out across the sea.
Image credit: Perfect Score / Epic Games

Fortnite players were last night treated to a mini live event, as the battle royale capped off its current Greek god season, and set up a grittier, heavy metal-infused new season to come.

The event seemed to show a moment of revenge from the now-felled Greek god Zeus, as his statue charged up the map's enormous Pandora's Box and unleashed a new threat to the Island.

The action began at 7pm UK time when, for the third day running, Zeus' giant statue atop Mount Olympus began glowing with light. In-game combat was temporarily paused as the statue raised its sword aloft and red lightning shot upwards - and then came crashing down onto Pandora's Box.

Fortnite Battle Royale Chapter 5 Season 2 - Myths & Mortals launch trailer.Watch on YouTube

Filled to the brim with energy over the past three days, the Box then spat out energy itself, sending players into the sky for a bird's eye view on what happened next: energy fizzing out of the Box and skipping across the map like a stone skimming across a pond.

With a further explosion, the energy transformed into a dark sandstorm, which is now approaching the Island, red energy crackling.

Watch it again below, with or without player commentary:

SypherPK reacts to the Fortnite Season 3 mini event.Watch on YouTube

Fortnite's next season, subtitled Wrecked, will launch on 25th May. It's expected to have Mad Max-inspired vibes, while a recent leaked roadmap suggested there will be a major crossover with Metallica.

Music accompanying last night's live event even seemed to subtly hint at this, as its initial Greek choral sound transformed into an electric guitar riff from veteran Fortnite live event composer Phill Boucher.

This is the second season in a row where Fortnite has featured a mini live event, following the reveal and opening of Pandora's Box back in March. I wrote at the time how these moments restore the uniqueness of Fortnite - and continue to show off things few other games can do.

"The cynical might see this all as a smart bit of viral marketing to ensure players are aware a big seasonal change is coming and that their V-Bucks are appropriately topped up," I wrote. "But as someone who has followed Fortnite's labyrinthine lore closely over the years - and decried the dirth of narrative over much of the past 12 months - it is still thrilling to watch unfold."

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