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You can try Eurogamer's subscriber offering free for a month right now

Say bye bye to adverts and hello to exclusive articles and podcasts.

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In conjunction with what appears to be warm weather in the UK, we've decided to do another free trial month on Eurogamer. This means you can try a month of being a Supporter for free, and make use of things like no adverts on the site and access to our exclusive Supporter content, which includes Five of the Best, Game of the Week, my Let's Get Evil series, and the Inside Eurogamer podcast. I just recorded an Inside Eurogamer episode with Ian and Ed all about streaming, which I found very illuminating.

There's plenty more coming through May and into early June. My next instalment in the Let's Get Evil series will likely bring my Dark Urge playthrough of Baldur's Gate 3 to an end. It's been a deliciously horrid ride but will I hold my nerve and remain monstrous or succumb to nagging morals? We'll see. Also, once it finishes, there's the question of which game to terrorise next. I have a Dragon Age: Inquisition rampage to return to, which would be very well timed with a new Dragon Age game maybe dropping later this year, but what about something else? I'd love to hear your suggestions.

Five of the Best and Game of the Week will continue on their weekly schedules, and there should be time before the trial is over to squeak another episode of Inside Eurogamer in. And remember: it's on that podcast we answer your questions. I'll make sure you have a day or two's notice before we record so you can ask them. I'm also working on a key giveaway for a game that we loved last year, and that should land later in May or early June. But remember, key giveaways are for yearly Supporters so people don't sub for a month (for £3/€3/$3) and run. I have some other Supporters bits and pieces in the works, too, which I hope I can tell you about soon.

How to activate the free trial

Redeeming the free month is easy. Sign into your Gamer Network account, which you use to comment here, and then head to the Supporters sign-up page and click through as if becoming a monthly subscriber. When you get to the payment page, find the "Add promotion code" box and enter the following code: EGMay24. It's redeemable until midnight, 31st May, UK time.

After you've entered it, the "total due today" will drop to zero, though you will still need to enter payment details because the form won't submit without them. You can prevent any money coming out of your account by cancelling the subscription before the trial month ends, and you can do this at any time and still receive a full month's access. To cancel, go to your account, find the Subscriptions tab, then on your Eurogamer subscription, select "Manage (via Stripe)". This will take you to another page where you'll see a "Cancel plan" button. Hit it and auto-renew will be turned off.

I hope you enjoy the free month and never ever leave, ever again. If you have any questions, pop them in the comments below and I'll do my best to answer them.

Finally, a big thank you to all of you who support us now and have done in the past. You've helped us bring back kinds of coverage we wouldn't have otherwise, and improve the site for everyone.

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