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Game of the Week: Play WarioWare, it's what Danny DeVito would want

Have a rotten day!

An MS Paint-looking image of a young feminine face being poked in the cheek by the finger of a hand presumably controlled by the player. It's weird. It's WarioWare.
Image credit: Nintendo

There's a lot of good stuff out this week. For starters, Indika looks weird and fascinating, while Lorelei and the Laser Eyes, the latest from the geniuses at Simogo, promises to tie my brain into bows for the next few months: more on that game soon. Either of these would be an ideal game of the week. But then Danny DeVito entered the picture, with the hopeful suggestion that he would be playing Wario in a new Mario movie. And after that there was only one game - one game, and, simultaneously, hundreds.

(Quick aside here: Danny DeVito is probably up there with my favourite directors. He has never missed. But also, Throw Momma from the Train is a legit classic and a case study in how to creatively update Hitchcock. Please give it a(nother) watch soon. It's a Midnight Run-tier movie. "This is like Fred Flintstone's car wash!")

I remember being slightly freaked out by Wario when I first saw him as a kid. I think it was an advert for Mario Land on the Game Boy, and this digital Wario popped out at the end of the ad and properly did a number on me. Scroll forward, though, and his appearance on the GBA in the form of the first WarioWare game marks one of the most joyous moments in all of gaming.

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